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Laiyang Shundesheng Kindergarten is loacated at No. 53, Desheng Road, Bailinzhuang Subdistrict Office, Laiyang, Shandong, covering an area of 8000㎡, wherein construction area 6000㎡ and outdoor ground 3000㎡. It is designed for 20 classes and can accommodate more than 600 children. The kindergarten costs a total investment of more than 30 million yuan and is a large-scale high-graded private modernized beautiful universal kindergarten. It has a strong team of teachers, all of whom are graduates of preschool education major with higher diploma than junior college degree. In October of 2015, the kindergarten was formally awarded the Municipal Model Kindergarten of Yantai City. Activity rooms are modernized and fully-featured. There are pianos, open tools cabinet, multi-media equipment, monitoring system, air conditioners, purified water appliances, disinfection cabinets, ozonizers, a distance live video broadcasting system. Besides, we have some modernized teaching-function rooms, like a library, a science discovering room, a multi-function hall. The outdoor playground, large sports equipment, the planting yard, and the sand pool are well designed and properly distributed, enabling the children to enjoy a colorful life in a wide space. It is children’s castle of pleasure and warm home.


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